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I am a fine art photographer living in Colorado. My images come from Wyoming, Colorado, Illinois, New York and wherever my wheels take me. I photograph prmarily with a Leica D-Lux 5. It is my go to camera, because its size lends itself to portability without compromising image quality. Much of my work is done digitally. However, I was trained in the darkroom and prefer to work there. I do not believe that traditional photography is dead. Rather it has moved away from the everyday into a category where it lives best; fine art.


Tess Tubbs  




The smallness of things are incredible for their simple magnificence. The beauty of life is to find the wonder of ordinary moments. Truly there are no dull or uninteresting things in life. The grotesque for the sake of grotesque is not worth mentioning; the lovely, never mentioned enough. The stories of this life are important and are told throughout eternity. It is for these stories that I photograph. Have you learned to appreciate both the quiet and remarkable moments of your life?


I have been asked many times what I photograph. I never respond with the word that I would like to, which is "moments". That seems too simple; despite the fact that it is anything but simple.


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Quick Resume

November 2014 to March 2015 - Artist in Residence, L. U. H.
March 2014 - Denver International Stock Show
October 2013 to March 2014 - Artist in Residence, Longmont United Hospital
July to September 2013 - Solo Exhibition Bross Assisted Living Center
June 2011 - Art Exhibitor at NicFest
July 2010 - Solo Exhibition at Metro Coffee Co.
October to December 2009 - Great Frame Up, Longmont, CO
September 2009 - NIC Annual Dinner
June and November 2009 - NICFest and Art Show and Sale
May 2007 - The Banner Project